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Join the team of SilesiaFun

Writers, reviewers and bloggers is much more than just a party map of Silesia or daily updated callendar – it gives you a possibility to comment, write reviews, blog and share your passions in many other ways. Each user has a profile page, on which he or she can store all the pictures and written materials.
If you feel the need to express yourself, want to be a journalist or try to gain experience in that field, you can count on us! We offer tickets, entry and backstage passes or other forms of support, expecting in return nothing more that your creative input – review, interview or photo coverage.
We are open to suggestions – it's up to you what you're gonna write about, in which form and when. We give you tools, you decide how to use them.


Are you interested in photography or video production? Do you want to work for television or a radio station? Are you looking for a new channel, through which you can reach a wider audience? Don't look any further, cause you've found!
In return for photo coverages, we can give you tickets, entry and backstage passes for all the interesting events in our region. Young artists get a personalized accounts, on which they can collect their works. The most active users can also get a pack of bussiness cards, with their SilesiaFun profile address printed on them.

Bussiness owners and Managers

We wish to fullfill the needs of bussines owners and menagers, helping them promote their venues, promoting the whole region at the same time. Everyone – from a small caffeteria owner to a big chain menager – is given a free possibility to menage the profile page of his or hers venue.

All you need to do is register to SilesiaFun, find your venue and take control over it or create a new one, if it's not in our database yet. Then you can update information about your bussiness, add pictures and fill the callendar of events. Join us and enjoy a free advertising that you wouldn't find anywhere else!
If you have any other ideas, that you would like to share with us, for example you want us to co-organize an event with you or invite our reviewer to your event – let us know. We are at your service.

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