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Press information – new source of information about everything interesting in Silesia is a social media platform focused on Silesia. It aims at entertainment and culture, helping users with planning their free time activities. It is both, the biggest database of venues and daily updated callendar and it's using a cutting-edge technology to gather everything, that's important, in one place.

Re-discover Silesia

The amount of digital information is overwhelming and with a region as big and diverse as Silesia, it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for. Planning your leisure time might involve searching through dozens of websites, which credibility is impossible to asses.

Our goal is to gather and verify those information, creating a universal source of information about all the venues and events, updated daily by users, menagers and our team. This formula allows us to help you find verified information about every event in our always up to date callendar.

Just a few simple steps

SilesiaFun allows you to add events, venues and reports, organize the events in your personal callendar, communicate with other users and promote your bussiness.
Everything you need to plan your free time is just few clicks away. Additionally, there are some other functionalities, like a personal reminder, with which you'll never miss an event you wanted to attend.

For everyone!

Internet is not only for youngsters – everyone is looking for informations about interesting events in the region. That's why we to try and reach to all the internet users – those more and less active, no matter age, gender or cultural background. If you don't like to waste your time searching for interesting things to do – we are here for you.

SilesiaFun is not only about partying, we have a largest database of family, sportive and touristic attractions of the region, so that everyone can find something fitting their needs.

In addtion to that, we aim at partnership with menagers of cultural venues, restaurants, sport and cultural centers and public organizations. Thanks to their commitment our database is always up to date.

More to come...

Browsing through places and events, making plans with your personal callendar and sharing your opinions or passions is just the begining. English version of our websites allows us to promote the region among tourists, foreign students and other visitors. We also plan to launch a mobile application, giving our users a chance to update their plans wherever they are.

Download press release (PDF, polish)
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