Nikiszowiec Settlement

data publikacji: 17.04.2013 11:30

This is a beautiful district on the outskirts of Katowice, where time appears to have been stopped more than a century ago. A neighbourhood originally created to host coalmine workers and their families in 1908, Nikiszowiec is indeed a unique place different from anything else we had seen before. 

After walking around for a while, we went into the Katowice Historical Museum which has been completely renewed recently and looks very neat and modern. It is rather small but very interesting. On the first floor, you will find paintings by Nikiszowiec's renowned Janowska Group. On the second floor, the exhibition shows the day-to-day lifes of Silesia’s working class in the mid-19 century. Clothing, tools and household items are exhibited there. You can also discover an arranged laundry. One of the things that got our attention the most there was a wall full of old soaps.

There are no audio-guides or guided tours inside, but you will find lots of interesting information at the "information box". Located in the grounf floor, close to the resting area. This machine with a pretty big screen will take you through a tour around Katowice and Nikiszowiec district and tell you all about its history in three different languages: Polish, English and German. It's provided with lots of information and pictures related to many different subjects such as the origins of the Nikiszowiec settlement, the events ocurred there during the first and second World War and the Silesian Uprising, as well as mentions to outstanding figures in the history of the place.

Anyway, as Nikiszowiec is a place in which what is striking is not so much the museum itself, but the cobbled roads, the red-painted window frames and the stunning St Anne's Church, to be honest, we really miss a small guided tour around its captivating streets, maybe following the model of the popular 'free walking tours'. Organizing a short walk, while telling a few stories and remarks about the place, would be key for visitors to go back home with the feeling that they know and love the site – because we genuinely believe that everybody that will set foot on Nikiszowiec will leave a bit of their hearts there. We certainly did.

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