data publikacji: 11.06.2013 09:29

As I came back from Georgia to Katowice it was already a day of INDUSTRIADA. I decided to visit my district, Nikiszowiec. There was a big stage in the centre of Nikiszowiec and near the stage open cafes and shops were arranged. In the shops you could buy interesting books and coal jewellery. For that day organizers prepared special concerts, happenings, attractions and an exhibition, but most of all I liked the theatrical event where actors made a very interesting performance with old stuff about the local people who lived in Nikiszowiec in past times.

Then I visited a park near church and I saw an exhibition. Children were busy making some handmade stuff and people were practicing Yoga. All of them were happy, especially the children. They were holding balloons and playing a lot. Industriada made a great holiday for all of us and if I have an opportunity, I’ll also take part in this festival next year. I have taken some pictures and I’m sharing it to see how great it was!

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